Friday, June 8, 2007

Rubina's First AP Story

How many of you know that the first capital of the US was Philadelphia and that George Washington operated from there as the first President? It may have been in my sub-conscious somewhere but I'd have flunked an open-ended quiz show question on this.

No more. Just last Friday I dropped off Rubina in Philadelphia for her summer assignment with AP (Associated Press) and she started work four days back on Monday.

So we were pleasantly surprised to learn that her first story while at AP about slaves owned by George Washington has already been published nationally:,1,6593195.story?coll=sns-ap-nation-headlines,,-6692506,00.html

The story has been published in papers in Australia and China as well. Typing her name (Rubina Madan) in Google News gets the full list.

We're proud of her. At this time I don't even mind that she thinks well of Obama. :-)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rubina. You write as well as Sandip did when he got his articles published in the Amongst Ourselves school newpaper over 30 years ago. But you're paid much better:))

So ironic that the founding fathers approved of slavery. I suppose norms of society evolve, and at least Washington released his slaves later on.

david mcmahon said...

Hi Sandip, Anita and of course Rubina,

Can I just add we are so proud of you.

A fellow North Pointer, a onetime deputy editor of the `Among Ourselves' school paper - and an occasional hobby writer myself.


Sandip Madan said...

Thanks much, Jadra. And you're a fellow North Pointer, and that too from/around my year!? That's delightful! And all this while I thought you were a stranger.

Show thyself - and in the meantime I'm making some guesses. I know you aren't David since he signs in under his own name. Ditto for Soumitra. You have a good grasp of Greek mythology as well as Churchillian era politics. Hmmm. So are you Ashok S. or Billy? Or may be Andrew, MS or Mike? End the suspense!

Sandip Madan said...

"Occasional hobby writer" indeed, David. Let's instead say brilliant and bestselling author and journalist. Not to add big time blogger, fellow NP-er and friend.

Rubina may respond separately if she sees these comments, but thanks much from my side as well.

Anonymous said...

We shall meet again.... In thunder, lightning or in rain. If you know who I am your answers will become prejudiced. We know your brilliance and we want it unadulterated. I'm not MS because he doesn't believe in markets. Thanks for giving us a format to air our views.

The story of George Washington is truly one of things "blight and beautiful". He fought the Brits boldly but, the scourge of slavery scars us all.

Rubina said...

Thank you! My professor (a veteran AP editor/reporter) told me more people had a chance to read my story than read "Gone With the Wind." That's a pretty scary thought!

Sandip Madan said...

Jadra, you (and may be Kenrod) are like Deep Throat - we may have our suspicions but not know definitively of your true identity till decades later. :-)

To your Prof's comment, Rubina, it's interesting how communications and online technology cuts it both ways: lesser need for journalists for the newspapers because they can get the same news from some central or syndicated sources, but at the same time the journalists' stories now reach a far wider audience.

Anonymous said...

Sandip, I was so flattered to be mentioned in the same breath as Soumitra, who writes like a laureate; Billy, whose ideas are unmatched; David, a prize winning author and pun meister, MS, academic but brilliant; and Ashok, master of prose. I would mention Andrew as well but he's a Paulite rival. I am a lowly third divisioner, and, keeping such noble company might be like Icarus flying too close to the sun. So in dark anonominity I shall toil, provoke and glean from your cornocopia of wisdom.

Sandip Madan said...

Jadra, you're a man of mystery indeed, and have ruled out all the suspects. May be you threw in something there to throw me off track.

Anyway, thanks a lot for all the participation (hopefully ongoing) and the suspense. :-)